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Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am unable to book a class on my tablet.


The most common issue here is that no time has been selected. Tap the time of the class you are attempting to book and a black circle will surround it, and you will be able to move the screen on to choose your method of payment. Click here for a video for further details. 

2. I am unable to Log In. 


We have no visibility of your user name and password. Request a reset. You will receive an immediate email from the company who manage the Website. If you do not see this, it may have been directed into your Junk Mail by your email provider. Look in here, click the link and you will be reset. It is best to complete this on a laptop or desktop PC. Only use a phone to do this as a last resort, and make sure you refresh your screen. Click here for assistance on where that is.

3. Using Zoom 

If you have booked a class for the first time, you will receive a personal email at the time of booking. If you don't see this in your inbox immediately you complete your booking, please check your junk mail. You need the email because you have a unique link which is personal to you and must not be shared or resold as it will cause a problem when you attempt to log into your class. 


Please ensure that the name you log in with on Zoom matches the one you used to log in with to purchase you class. If you are waiting after the class start time and have not been admitted to the class, this could be because you have used the wrong email link, so check the time and date, of there class you are attempting to join on your email. If this is correct, check your name is entered correctly into zoom. If you need to know how to change it click here


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