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Incase the message is not clear!

The govenment have said that FROM MONDAY 17th May we can resume our classes with restrictions!! This includes all classes that happen during a mon to Friday Period! The start of course one!

The Government have said from June 21st we can resume our classes no restrictions l! This includes all my classes Monday to Friday! Starting course 2 ..

Incase thus doesn’t happen and the rules do not get relaxed I’m NOT taking any bookings until nearer the time.

I will be In Touch with you nearer our time to return!

The venues remain the same venues you went to pre lockdown! The class and level will remain the same! So if you attend beginners your class will be the beginners class you attend!

If you attend an intermediate evening class this remain an intermediate night time class!

The details I have sent out are only the plan on how I intend to get us all back dancing!!

Hopefully this is a little clearer.. it’s not just Mondays that are going back! It’s all the classes commencing that Monday 17th May as per government instructions!

Sorry to confuse you!

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